Today Proteocyte Diagnostics becomes…


Toronto, ON; March 9, 2018 – Proteocyte Diagnostics, a computational pathology company that has built a platform-based technology that predicts your risk of developing cancer, announced a name change to Proteocyte AI, effectively immediately.

“Our new corporate identity better reflects how we deliver our platform technology and what we offer,” said John Davis, President and CEO of Proteocyte AI. “Incorporating artificial intelligence with our patented protected science enables us to change the way patients are managed and cared for.”

Proteocyte AI is focused in the computational pathology sector, combing artificial intelligence and protein biomarkers to determine a patient’s 5-year risk of developing cancer. This is technology that predicts who is at risk to develop cancer before they actually have cancer.

“Knowing your risk for cancer, and having your healthcare professional have earlier access to more critical information while making your treatment decisions can change outcomes and reduce healthcare costs,” said Dr. Peter G. Schulam, recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Proteocyte AI and Chair of the Department of Urology at Yale School of Medicine. “This is the kind of innovation healthcare systems need.”

“Our first product Straticyte™ is a test that predicts the progression of premalignant lesions to invasive oral cancer, a disease that is often diagnosed too late with devastating consequences. We believe can do better,” said Davis.

This name change follows the recent news of the restructuring and expansion of the Board of Directors and comes as Proteocyte AI transitions to the next stage of development, focused on commercialization and market expansion to fuel global growth.

Proteocyte AI’s first product Straticyte™ is a test that predicts the progression of premalignant lesions to invasive oral cancer. Straticyte enables healthcare professionals to customize patient treatment, improving outcomes for patients at risk for developing cancer, while reassuring those patients who have minimal to no risk of disease progression. The test can be easily incorporated into clinical practice as no additional tissue samples are needed for assessment.

Straticyte is being offered on a complimentary basis until April 2, 2018

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