Proteocyte AI is focused in the computational pathology sector, combining artificial intelligence and protein biomarkers to determine a patient’s 5-year risk of developing cancer. This technology predicts who is at risk to develop cancer before they actually have cancer. Founded in 2011, Proteocyte AI identified the need to provide healthcare professionals with more objective and accurate information that would significantly improve the outcome for their patients.

Proteocyte AI’s first product Straticyte™ is a test that predicts the progression of premalignant lesions to invasive oral cancer. Straticyte enables healthcare professionals to customize patient treatment, improving outcomes for patients at risk for developing cancer, while reassuring those patients who have minimal to no risk of disease progression. The test can be easily incorporated into clinical practice as no additional tissue samples are needed for assessment. Straticyte is based on discoveries made at Mount Sinai Hospital and York University in Toronto, Canada. Proteocyte AI has ongoing collaborations with university researchers, clinicians and hospitals globally. The company has assembled a clinical advisory board consisting of renowned clinicians to guide the continuous development of the technology and for its potential use in other cancers.

We are designing tests that accurately predict your risk of developing cancer