We are designing tests that accurately predict your risk of developing cancer

The Straticyte test is complimentary for a limited time

Proteocyte AI is developing a platform of solutions to accurately predict your risk of developing cancer. Our platform identifies specific protein biomarkers that operate in combination with proprietary algorithms, advanced imaging and digital pathology enabling us to accurately predict an individuals’ probability of non-cancerous lesions progressing to invasive cancer.

Our vision is to reduce the incidence of cancer around the world and we will do that by living our mission; saving patients’ lives by predicting progression to cancer.

We are committed to operating at the highest level in terms of quality, innovation and integrity.

We will provide innovative insight that will allow healthcare professionals to treat earlier knowing that early diagnosis leads to improved outcomes and extends the lives of patients around the world.

Our first product is Straticyte, the first digitally delivered oral cancer predictor.