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An oral precancer lesion may appear as a red or white spot in the mouth. This lesion may not have any symptoms and might only be detected by you or a dentist during a routine visit. Identification of the white or red spot as precancer requires a biopsy (removing a sample of the lesion) and examination of the tissue by a pathologist.

Straticyte™ looks at biomarkers related to oral lesions. Because every lesion is unique, understanding the biology of your lesion will provide you and your doctor with additional information about your lesion. This information will assist you and your doctor make more confident decisions about your care.

Oral cancer often requires major surgery, may severely impact your quality of life and even lead to death. Early detection is critical because oral cancers, at late stages, is very difficult to treat.

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Heather discovered an oral lesion. In this video, Heather reveals what happened next.