Proteocyte Diagnostics, a computational pathology company that has built a platform-based technology that predicts your risk of developing cancer, was recently featured in 360Dx.  360Dx covers emerging economic and technological trends in the clinical diagnostic market.

Ross Kerr, a clinical professor in the department of otolaryngology head and neck surgery at New York University, commented to 360Dx,  “The most important thing related to early detection is to be able to perform a comprehensive examination of your patient. The question of which lesions will transform over time is a really important question, so finding new markers and tests that will help us better predict malignant transformation is also really important.”

You can read the article here.

Proteocyte AI’s first product Straticyte™ is a test that predicts the progression of premalignant lesions to invasive oral cancer.  Straticyte enables healthcare professionals to customize patient treatment, improving outcomes for patients at risk for developing cancer, while reassuring those patients who have minimal to no risk of disease progression. The test can be easily incorporated into clinical practice as no additional tissue samples are needed for assessment.

Straticyte is being offered on a complimentary basis for the month of April which is Oral Cancer Awareness month.