Better cancer diagnostics

Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc. has developed a novel diagnostics technology, Straticyte™, that brings fundamental change to the management of head and neck cancer.

Nearly 50% of people with head and neck cancer (oral cavity and pharynx) die within five years. In addition to high mortality, patients may suffer from severe facial disfigurement and speech and eating impairment as a result of surgical treatment. The reason is that patients are often diagnosed with the cancer at an advanced stage when treatment options are less effective and surgical removal of the cancer tends to be fairly extensive.

Straticyte™ offers accurate early diagnosis of head and neck cancer. It can precisely identify head and neck lesions that have a high risk of becoming cancer, permitting more effective and less traumatizing treatment.

With Straticyte™:

  • Lives can be saved
  • Healthcare costs reduced
  • Quality of life improved for people with head and neck cancer